About Us

We manufacture and import garments for select customers by operating a boutique style business. We work in conjunction with our schools from the original development and design stages right through to the delivery or even the management of the uniform shop. It is not our intention to be the largest supplier, but it is our intention to be the best provider to our customers. We pride ourselves on high quality schoolwear with innovative designs and exceptional service.

Ethically Sourced & Manufactured

We are proud to partner with a team of manufacturers in Fiji and Indonesia who all comply with ethical standards of practice with social and environmental responsibility. These suppliers are highly accredited with workplace standards, environmental practices and health and safety practices.


Our manufacturers are industry leaders and offer the latest in machinery to produce high quality garments. We are careful with our partnerships and we are proud to be associated with these businesses and support their surrounding communities.

We are now offering ethical lines of poly cotton, poly viscose and poly wool. We can produce both BCI (The Better Cotton Initiative) Poly Cotton and Organic Cotton. ideal for shirting custom made in your school colours.


We can offer recycled polyester which is blended with cotton, wool or viscose. These products have a lovely feel and finish whilst still being durable for schoolwear. We are very proud to offer these new solutions to sustainability with eco-friendly products.
If you would like to see samples of these new products please contact our staff.